Guardiola urges Phillips to change his mindset for future

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Guardiola urges Phillips to change his mindset for his future as a professional footballer.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has made it clear that midfielder Calvin Phillips needs to change his mindset as a professional footballer in order to have a better future for him.

The 27-year-old England international joined Manchester City for a reported fee of £45m this season and has only played five games, totaling 57 minutes in all competitions. In the past. He had problems with injuries. But he was fit to include in the squad for the World Cup finals. Where he did not play at all in the tournament. And beaten by Guardiola Dropped from the team due overweight issues. When returning to the team late last month.

“He really needed to adjust his mind about the way he play. And it will be good for him. It’s a good lesson for him in the future. To be a professional footballer you need 12 perfect months. even on vacation you can be happy do whatever you want. But you must always be ready to work. That’s what the club needs. If you have to play three games in a row You must fit immediately. If you’re not ready, don’t play. but last week and arrived today He has developed himself well. I don’t know if in the FA Cup against Chelsea he will play. But of course in the upcoming Carabao Cup he will play.”

“He came to play with us. And did not practice at all due to an injury that required shoulder surgery So he missed most of the practice. Followed by the World Cup final. He went there in a way that he rarely played against us. That’s what happened.”

“In terms of competition Every player needs a rhythm that hasn’t happened to him for months. But we need him ASAP. Like we want every player on the team. They need a break. So we need Calvin back in the game. and we will try to resolve his issue as readily as possible.”