Arteta reveals Arsenal targets in FA Cup this season

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Arteta reveals Arsenal targets in FA Cup this season.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta aims to lead Arsenal to another FA Cup trophy. After having a queue to visit Oxford United in the third round on Monday night

Arteta guided the Gunners to an FA Cup trophy in 2020 by beating Chelsea 2-1 in the final. Which is the 14th term of the club

“It is a competition we look forward to playing. and brings great memories back to the football club and our team,” said Arteta in his pre-match press conference.

“Because many years ago we used to win championships. But last year we were eliminated as well. It was a competition we wanted to play and take it seriously.”

For Arsenal it is the club. That has won the trophy the most with 14 times. Follow by Manchester United with 12 times.

Oxford are currently 14th in League One (England’s Tier 3 League), where they have played since Round 1 with a win over Working FC before passing Exe. Peter in the second round, while performing in the FA Cup last year, they stopped in the first round after losing to Bristol Rovers in extra time.

The Arsenal side of the English Premier League crowd Just stumbled. Only able to draw with Newcastle 0-0 in the middle of the week. While in the FA Cup they just won the championship in 2020, but in the last season they faltered. Third frame by losing to Nottingham Forest 0-1