Gamecock sport, local gambling to online gamecocks internationally

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Gamecock sport, local gambling to online gamecocks internationally.

Fighting cock is a local sport. That many people well known to. It has a long history and the most famous. Sight is seen in the Ayutthaya period. Where chickens are raise to widely use in fighting cock fighting competitions. It is also King Naresuan’s favorite pet. Let’s look at the UFABET

Breeds of fighting chickens. That popular to compete with each other.

If talking about the Gamecock sport that people bring to raise as a strong fighter chicken There are only a few popular species. It depends on how good the chicken breeder is and can maintain a strong breed to continue to the next generation or not. Because not only placing online gamecock bets As much as this can make money, but the cockfighter can still make a lot of money for the champion breeder chicken owner. Because just the size of a chicken egg can sell up to 3,000-5,000 baht per egg. 

  • Burmese breed100% Burmese chickens are small, weighing about 2-2.5 kilograms, small face, straight mouth, straight crest, thick wing pads, small shins. But fast, accurate, high spur. due to small size Often likes to intercept the second kick and wait for the right moment, which is very accurate and accidentally kicks into the eye of a blind opponent. But the Burmese chickens are small, when faced with a heavy blow, they may give up and run away. It doesn’t like chickens ducking in if they can’t find it either. Because they like to kick and splash the competition rather than being duck under their wings. Therefore popular to cross-breed with other species 
  • Chicken or Saigon
    It is a fighter chicken from Vietnam. It is tall, big, thick skin, intense red color, fierce eyes, and very tough. Hit hard because the big ones tend to hit the body area. Is a fighting chicken with no style, focusing on hitting hard, hitting hard and not very smart therefore popular to cross-species as well Most of them are popular to mix with Burmese chickens to gain intelligence and hit hard. The developed breed is call Burmese Non.
  • Koi forest chickens or Koi forest chickens It is a gamecock that has wild chicken lineage from Lao Pa Koi District. Uttaradit Province is small, smart, nimble, fierce, can peck anywhere without letting go. Even Burmese chickens still have to surrender. At present it is brought to raise and develop. The breed bigger and kick harder. Because the Koi jungle fowl is small. But has a strong fighting spirit and is number one.