Prevention of sore throat.

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To prevent sore throat symptoms in the beginning. This may be done by protecting yourself from germs. And various risk factors that may result in a sore throat health, such as

  • Avoid touching items shared by many people or frequently. And wash your hands often to get rid of accumulated viruses and bacteria. This can be a cause of infection, colds, or other illnesses.
  • Do not use spoons to eat with others. Or drink water from the same glass. This is because some diseases can be spread through saliva, such as infectious mononucleosis.
  • Avoid substances that may cause allergies, such as pollen, mold, and dust.UFABET 
  • Avoid inhaling cigarette smoke. both from smoking itself and from others Because cigarette smoke can cause throat irritation and sore throat.
  • Maintain humidity in your home to prevent dry air. And drink enough water to keep your throat from drying out.

In addition to medical treatment Patients can also relieve sore throat symptoms by themselves at home as follows:

Use salt water to gargle and rinse your mouth. 

Children older than 6 years and adults may gargle with salt water. So that the salt water helps wash away dirt and expels phlegm. You can use clean ready-made saline products. Sterilized with heat No preservatives, pyrogens and additives. To prevent damage to oral tissues Including an isotonic concentration (Isotonic) or a mixture of 0.9% sodium chloride to balance water in the body’s cells.

In purchasing salt water products You should choose saline that comes in a clear bottle. This will make it easier to spot foreign substances that may have gotten into the bottle before and after opening. The packaging has a screw cap that closes tightly to prevent contamination before opening. The production date and expiration date are clearly displayed on the product. 

In addition, the amount of use should be considered appropriately. If using a small amount of saline each time, you may choose a small bottle. But if you must use saline continuously, you may choose a larger size. To maintain the quality of the brine